Friday, February 7, 2014

Buying a Used IOS Device

There is a new IOS model being introduced every year. Those who like being seen with the latest device simply sell the old one and add cash to buy a new model. Subscribers who are on a two-year plan are lucky since they can sell the old unit and get a new model free. Despite new models coming out every year, IOS devices are still quite usable even if they are a few generations behind. Hence, it is quite normal to see used IOS devices being sold in malls and online sites. However, some buyers find out late that the device they bought is unusable. Here are things to note before buying a used IOS device.

Find a location with free WIFI

Arrange meet-ups in a place with a free wifi connection. You will need this to activate the IOS device with your own Apple ID and password, with the seller around in case you have problems.

Erase all content and settings

To avoid future problems, ask the seller to go to Settings – General – Reset –Erase All Content and Settings. This will completely erase the IOS device and turn off all services. You cannot do this on your own if Find My iPhone is enabled since it will ask for the Apple ID and password of the owner. Be wary if the seller does not know the password. If successful, Setup Assistant will appear when you turn on the iPhone. Do not accept the IOS device if you do not see Setup Assistant. If possible, ask the seller to remove the device from his Find My iPhone list.

For lost iPhones, Find My iPhone can track the location of an IOS device even if Location Services is off by enabling it temporarily. If offline, the last known location will be sent to the original owner, and will send the latest location as soon as it goes online. If a custom message appears on the iPhone you bought, it would be best to contact the owner since it is unusable to you.

Visit the Find My iPhone page if you want to know more about what it can do.

Bring a prepaid nano SIM

Bring a nano SIM if you are buying a used iPhone. This will allow you to try the microphone and speaker, as well as test SMS messaging. 

Check the water indicators

iPhones and iPods have water indicators that turn red when liquid enters the device. Warranty is void if these turn red. Use this guide to find the location of these indicators in your device

Check the IMEI

If you are unsure if the iPhone you bought is Activation-locked, you may use the IMEI to check it online.

Use this site to check the IMEI info.

You may also check the model number, lock status, and telco by entering the model number here.


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